What is AmES?

Operating since 1994, American English School (AmES) was the first language school in Lviv and it provides the best quality instruction in the city. Our five branches are located in different districts of the city.

What makes us special?

  • Our school embraces eager English learners of all ages - children, teenagers, young adults and the middle-aged. We have special courses and offer a technical approach developed for each age group. 
  • We only hire highly qualified teachers with an advanced professional education who attend annual refresher courses in one of the English-speaking countries.
  • Lessons are conducted under the guidance of accurately selected workbooks from Great Britain (Oxford and Cambridge Universities, McMillan Publishers, Express Publishers, Longman) and other English-speaking countries. Projects for desired topics are available. Audio- and video-materials are integral parts of the lessons.
  • American English School provides students with all of the necessary studying materials.
  • Our methodologists can offer specialized English courses if needed (e.g. English for insurance business, English for banking, etc.)

Why should you choose AmES?

  • By choosing AmES, you will work with expert teachers who are devoted to their job. Our qualified staff aims its efforts to provide the best educational services.
  • The broad spectrum of courses offered will help you develop a good command of a foreign language regardless of whether it is English to supplement school and university studies, work or simply for personal satisfaction.
  • Our head teacher and teachers’ staff can help you choose the optimal studying course that suits your personal needs.
  • Your lesson schedule will be tailored according to your desires: we will assist you in developing a course schedule that is most convenient for you.
  • The General English Program contains 17 levels, which means that you will study at the appropriate level and on a timetable that works best for you.
  • Our school also offers preparation courses for TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC.
  • Upon completion of a course you`ll get an American English School Certificate where your level of English will be stated.

Why are we more preferable?

  • We offer a free interview to identify your level of English.
  • You can begin your studies on the date of your choosing.
  • You will have 6 hours of experimental lessons.
  • You may study at any suitable time – morning, days, or nights.
  • Lessons are carried out in small groups (from 3 to 6 people).

Enrollment for studies

Should you choose AmES, you will be asked to take part in an interview to identify your level of English. In view of making registration easier we kindly ask that you reserve an interview time beforehand by toll-free telephone 0-800-213444 or register for the interview here. The interview is free of charge.

  • You will receive your schedule 6 days after taking part in the interview.
  • You will be given 2 unconditional weeks of experimental lessons where you can try out the different levels in different branches, observe a lesson conducted by different teachers, and choose the option that is suitable for you.
  • Please note that during the experimental period you may attend each group only once.  If you attend the same group a second time, you will automatically be enrolled in that group.
  • In the event that you choose not to study with us during the two-week experimental lesson period, we will not require payment for the lessons you have attended.

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