Corporate Studies

In-company ESL courses

If the ability to speak English is vital for your company staff, then American English School offers you the optimal solution – in-company ESL courses.


  • Our teachers will come to your institution or workplace and teach your staff to use English on a time schedule that is convenient for you.
  • Your staff will be taught by qualified teachers from our school. Minimum requirements for the teachers - advanced professional education with obligatory regular refresher training in English-speaking countries. The School was founded in 1986 and since 1994 it has been operating in Lviv. The school has 4 branch offices in different parts of Lviv and 2 additional offices in the Lviv Region.
  • American English School provides students with all of the necessary studying materials.
  • Lessons are conducted under the guidance of accurately selected workbooks from Great Britain (Oxford and Cambridge Universities, McMillan Publishers, Express Publishers, Longman) and other English-speaking countries. Projects for desired topics are available. Audio- and video-materials are integral parts of the lesson.
  • Our methodologist can offer specialized English courses if needed (e.g. English for insurance business, English for banking, etc.).
  • Optimal quantity of students in the group (5-6 people).

Monthly cost for studies for one student with the load of 2 lectures per week (1.5 hour each) – UAH 350.

The process for enrolling is quick and easy!

All organizational issues (interviews with the students, group formation, course matching that fits best for each group, time from your observation of classes to full-scale studying) take only 2 weeks.

  • American English School Head Office in Lviv telephone number: (032) 240-34-44
  • Director, ESL – Polishchuk Arthur Vasylyovych – direct number: (032) 247-34-44
  • Contact person in Stryy city of Lviv region – Maryana Vasyliv : (063) 367-88-38
  • In-company courses specialist – Voloshyn Oryslava Yaroslavivna: (032) 243-94-88
  • Public relations department, studies abroad organization – Polishchuk Olena Volodymyrivna – direct number: (032) 247-13-29.

Prices for corporate studies

Course NameQuantity of people in the groupPrice for group studies per month
General English4-8 people UAH 3200
Business English4-8 people UAH 3800 
Specialized English4-8 people UAH 4200