American English School opened its Stryy City branch in January of 2008. During our humble beginnings, we started with a small group of students. But as time went by and our reputation grew, we became bigger by the day.

Today we are proud to say that we have more than 200 eager, talented students at our Stryy branch.

The work of our teachers is extremely productive. Our lessons are based on a communicative approach to learning English. We follow the slogan “ENGLISH IS EASY!” and impart it in our students.  English is not hard to learn or understand if the appropriate approach is used.  Apart from the usual lessons, we also offer students to immerse themselves in English while enjoying trips to the amazing Carpathian Mountains and other attractive spots in our native land, where the natural surroundings and good company help students to overcome language barriers. Additionally, we organize movie-watching in English and provide students with the opportunity to discuss afterward.  You are also welcome to join our English-speaking club and discuss any topic of your choice.

Step by step our team of professionals has been building the image of our branch.

Location and Contacts

Adress: Stryi, 1 Valova str., office 403

Sign up for the interview:

  • +38 (063) 367-88-38