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Activities for Children in the Camp

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Every year before the start of camp American English Schools team carefully prepared program.

Each year the camp has its main idea (for example, in the camps of 2010 the concept of the camp was magic and magical world, and all the children were wizards and witches). Every day in our camp will be for your child's unique: contests, games, tours, workshops, and most importantly - everything is taught in English!

Further details will attempt to describe what awaits the camp your child:

  • Daily English lessons

(4 lessons per day - 1 academic hour each) with carefully selected books from the UK (Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, MakMilan Publishers, Publishers Express) and other English-speaking countries. Also prepare projects for your topic. Intensity classes - 40 classes per shift.

  • Competitions, games, fire, discussion - in English!
  • Sport events.

Our child will be able to play outdoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, frisbee and other sports outdoors, also in the camp must have a day dedicated to sport.

  • Contests

The talented team of instructors before the camp designed a program of competitions. All contests are part of the basic concepts of the camp and conducted in English! Each call is carefully thought out and unique in its own way. We organize children's quests, theater days and in. The goal of the competition is to give the child an opportunity to play for the team and develop their talents.

  • Disco

Every night we heve a disco

  • Workshops

Workshops so called by clubs. Each instructor is responsible for his workshop and prepares his program before camp. Every night your child will be able to choose what to do and what her group go according to its interests and favorites. The camp of previous years children learned to play the guitar, doing psychology, studied the history of the ancient world, prepared cocktails, solve the problem on the logic involved in video editing, dancing, table tennis, painting, clay modeling.

  • Watching movies and cartoons in English.

Every night your child will be able to watch your favorite movies and cartoons in English.

  • Treveling (Tours of the Transcarpathian region)

During the shift we organize excursions to interesting towns and sites as Transcarpathia

  • Trips abroad (on request, extra charge)